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Dagbok fra en tur to venninner gjennomførte.

In this summer holidays, Lena, a young girl from Bergen, went interrailing together with a friend, Anne. We were very anxious at the train station. We said goodbye to the family, and got into the train.

Day 1
With the rucksack at the back, we set goods for Oslo. There we shopped new clothes, before we should go. Anne had an uncle in Oslo, so we visited him. In Oslo we stayed on the hotel Continental. We thought that we should be in form to experience the next day!

Day 2
After a good breakfast, we set out for Aalborg, we took the train. Aalborg laid in North Denmark, and it is a big town, with 155 000 inhabitants. In around Gammeltorv there are many interesting buildings from 16th - 17th century. We looked at the buildings and bought some souvenirs.After we had looked at the buildings, we ate dinner at the restaurant at the hotel. We where only one day in Aalborg. After the dinner we took the boat to London. We came in the nick of time to the boat, it came alongside the quay. When we sat in the boat, we read a book about London. In the book we could read about Big Ben, and I found this building quite fascinating.

Day 3
After a good English breakfast, which consists of egg and bacon, we took the bus into town, where Big Ben is. Big Ben is an enormous bell in London. It was built in 1858/1859, the bell was named after Sir Benjamin Hall. Later we visited (the Cathedral) St. Paul's Cathedral. The cathedral was built of Sir Christopher Wren, and it was in this church Diana and Charles (the prins of Wales) got married. That's so cool! After a long shopping trip in the town, we took the train to Liverpool. Liverpool is Anne's favorite football team. We bought two tickets to the mach between Liverpool and Manchester United. Liverpool wand by three to two. After the mach we went to a restaurant. After the dinner we checked into a hotel, Ashburn. We where so tired, so we fell a sleep at once.

Day 4
This morning we where early awake, because we should wised one of the tallest buildings in the world, La Tour Eiffel. There are 700 steps in Eiffel tower, and it was built in 1889. Anne would take the stairs, and so we did, but when we came halfway was we to tired, so we took the lift. When we came on the top floor, we saw the town from above. That was very cool! In the tower it was a restaurant. We ate there, and we set out for Notre-Dame. Notre-Dame is a cathedral that was built in 1163. Napoleon crowned him sells to emperor here in 1804. Outside they sell postcards. I sent a card home to my family. We took a night train to Pompeii.

Day 5
To day we should stand early up, but we overslept of course. But anyway we should visit Pompeii. Pompeii was a Roman town in Italy. The town was destroyed of a volcanic eruption 79 A.C. In 1748 started the excavation of Pompeii. It was a strong feeling to see all the people who was buried in ashes. You could see the mothers clanged to their children. I think that almost everyone got a tear in their eyes when they saw it. After a tearful visit in Pompeii we took the bus into Rome. We saw the famous St. Peters church. St. Peters church has an amazing history behind itself. I have not words to describe it. It's wonderfully.

It was built over the apostle Peters dig monument. It's the next biggest church in the world. (212m long, 141m toll). After we had seen the church, we checked into a hotel.

Day 6
To day we had a wonderfully day! The birds were singing, and we heard children who played at pirates. It was a beautiful morning! We set out for Athen. In Athen it is 2,8 mill. Inhabitants. We took the train into the town. We visited Athens most important culture places, Askepios, in Epidauros. Since 300-century B.C. was Epidauros distinguished to be the place of birth to Askepios. To day we where lucky! Because every fourth year it is a celebration, with performance and sports competitions. We watched the play, Orestien with the Frances group theater du Solei. The theater contains 14000 onlookers. When you see a place like that, you feel very small. We stayed in Italy for two days, because it was so beautiful here, and it was a wonderful pizza here. The next day we only relaxed! We were at the beach, and ate pizza. It was very flavor, so I had to ask fore the recipe. but it was a family secret the cook told us! We took the night train into Wien, in Austria. It's 1,5 mill. Inhabitants in Wien.

Day 9
We visited the Staatsoper, it is a court opera, and was built in 1861. It's "only" 142 years old (in 2003). Mozart and Strauss plaid in this opera house. It was also many other celerity's who had played here but I was so fascinating over the building, that I did not hear what the man said. It was a guide who showed the building, and told us about the buildings history. Later we checked into a hotel.

Day 10
To day we was so tired of the traveling, so we went right to Copenhagen, in Denmark. We checked in to a nice hotel, and it had a whirlpool and a big pool. We sat in the whirlpool and drank champagne. It was so nice! Later we plaid minigolf. Anne won. Later we go to a restaurant, and eat meatball. That is Anne's favorite dinner.We shopped clothes in the town, it was so cheap. I has to buy a new bag, I did not get enough room to the new clothes. at the evening we took the night train to Bergen.

When we came home we agreed to go for a new interrail next year. It was fun, but we where also very tired after the long trip!
"See you next year, Anne".
Here is the hotelin Copenhagen.


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