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Is war necessary?

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Almost every day we see on the news, hear on the radio, or read in the newspapers things like: "53 persons killed in a suicide-bomb", "5 American soldiers taken as hostages", "10 new families are escaping". We hear it, or see it, eat our slice of bread with strawberry-jam, go to work or school and forget all about it. I think the reason why we forget, or don't care so much, is that we are living so well, peacefully and happily here in Norway, the cruelty and misery seems too far away to touch our hearts.

There has been peace in Norway for about 60 years. The only things that has disturbed us are tings like a plice-man killed in Stavanger, the trippel-murder at Orderud, Eli Hagen driving down the Royal Stairs, Otto Jespersen burning an American flag, or the lifting of Mullah Krekar. There have been war and conflicts in the Middle East quite as long as there has been peace here in Norway. That is an example how good we have it here, and maybe why we don`t care much for others apart from ourselves.

A lot of people mean that religion+war=true! For all ages peoples have fought wars and the most common reasons are religion. Osama Bin Laden didn`t only bomb the World Trade Center to destroy the USA, but also for Islam.In Ireland the Catholics and the Protestants still are in conflicts with each oterhs. Adolph Hitler and his "religion", Nazism, wanted a clean raze, and full exterminating of the Jude's. Also in the conflict in the Middle East, the Jude`s play a part, Jude`s vs. Muslims,
With, indeed, a little help, from the USA. Actually, USA has also helped Iraq to it`s situation. But is religion a good reason enough to start a war? Is there a good reason to start a war enyhow?

A lots of peoples hate George W. Bush. Some does ut cause they think they are cool when they say it, but have no knowledge of his politics, and others cause they really
Know what he is doing, often iraqien peoples. Most of the Bush-haters thinks he only went for the oil, and not to find, and destroy chemical and biological weapons, when he went into Iraq. Perhaps he wanted the oil, but I think that it doesn`t matter, when he did caught Saddam Hussein, one of the most wanted man in the world, the man that had tyrannized Iraq for years, had connections with Osama bin Laden and maybe Mullah Krekar too.
That was not a bad move for George W. Bush, but was war in this case necessary?

In old days the brave men stood face to face with their swords, axes or knifes. They fought for glory, for their pride and maybe for freedom. They fought for what they cared most of in their lives. That was fair fighting, each man had a choice, - to defend himself, or die. But the some mad freaks invented cannons, guns, bombs and nuclears. The only things war does since that, is to destroy lands and butcher people. War isn`t longer for pride nor glory. No, war isn`t necessary any more. How could a suicide-bomber get glory when he is dead, and forgotten after a week or two by the world? Why does somebody do such things?

If somebody has made their minds on war, you can bet their might be a war. No one, except the one man who starts a war, can avoid it from beginning. A war, or battle, a conflict or just some arguing have always existed, and, possible, always will as long as the humanity walks here on earth. It just lies in the human nature.
Everyone wants to be the best, to take revenge or just likes to make some action. Religion, revenge, dignity, all can cause a war.
Nevessary? No. Good? No.
We all just have to accept it, weither it touches our heart, or not.


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