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The Bottle Imp av Robert Louis Stevenson

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Skrevet av Andreas Næss Omvik
Språk: Norsk (bokmål)
Klassetrinn: Andre

The book, The bottle Imp is about Keawe. Keawe is from the island of Hawaii, and he wanted to see the great world. One day he went to San Francisco. There he bought a bottle. Inside the bottle was an Imp. A devil. When you said the magic words, the imp came out, and he could get you anything.

After he had purchased the bottle, he got together with his friend Lopaka. When Keawe told her about the bottle, she wanted to buy it from Keawe. Keawe wanted to sell the bottle, but first he went back to Hawaii to wish for a house. Keawe got his house and was happy. Very happy.

Some times he walked around in his house and was happy. Time went by, and Keawe met a girl. Her name was Honaunau. Keawe wanted to marry Honaunau, and when he permission from his father, he did. Keawe wanted to get Honaunau and himself a new house, but they didn't have any money. Keawe went back to his friend Lopaka. He wanted to buy the bottle from her, but she had sold it. The worst thing about it was that you'd go to hell if you died with the bottle.

When Keawe finally found the bottle, it only coasted one cent. A special thing about the bottle was that it had to be sold for less it was bought for. Keawe didn't think so much, so he bought the bottle. Keawe got Honaunau and himself a house, but he was very unhappy. The only thing Keawe could think of was that he was going to hell.

After a while he couldn't keep the secret anymore. He told Honaunau all about the bottle, and she felt sorry for him. Honaunau found out that there is four centimes in one cent. Then Keawe had a little hope to sell the bottle. Keawe and Honaunau tried to sell the bottle, but no one wanted to buy it.

One day, Honaunau got a deal with a man. The deal was: Honaunau sold the bottle, and bought it back. Now it was Honaunau's turn to be sad. She could only see herself in hell. Keawe found out about Honaunau's plan, and sold the bottle to a man. Then they lived happily ever after.

The book was written in 1967 by Robert Louis Stevenson, and published by Grafisk Forlag.

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