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Jack and the bean stalk

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Skrevet av thomas vasshus
Språk: Engelsk
Karakter: 6
Klassetrinn: Ungdomsskolen

En gutt som får tak i ett magiskt frø,som gjør slik han kommer til en kjempe,der får han muligheten til å stjele til fra kjempen d han stjal av faren.

Jack and the beanstalkThomas Vasshus 10/11-04

I am jack I` m 13 years old .
I grew up layzy and disobedient.
All we had left was a cow.
I was going to sell the cow in the village.
On the way I meet a man who asked me where I was taking the cow. I said I wanted to sell it. The man held
Some strange beans in his hands. They where all different colours. He asked me to change the been with the cow, I agreed. When I returned home and told my mother what I have done, she was very angry she took the beans and threw them outof the window into the garden. That night we both went to bed hungry.


Next morning , me and my mother where surprised of find that the beans had taken root and the stalk was like a ladderreaching up beyond the clouds.
At once I made my mind to climb it, but my mother begged me not to. In spite of here tears, I started.
After climbing for a long timeI came to a strange country. Walking along , he met an old woman.
"young man," she said "I am your Fairy Godmother.
Listen carefully to what I shall tell you"
"years ago, when you where a small boy, a wicked giant stole everything your father had. Soon after that your father died . The giant lives in this country. It is right that you should take form him whatever you wish, for everything he owns belongs to you and your mother."
"Follow this road and you will soon come to the castle where he lives."I started along the road and soon I came to a large castle.
A woman was standing at the door. I asked her to give me food and a place to sleep.
"My husband is a very powerful giant. He puts all who come her into a dark dungeon," she said. But I begged her to take him in for the night.
At last the woman took me in and plenty to eat and drink. Soon I heard a loud knock at the door. The woman quickly pushed me into a great big oven and went to let her husband in ."wife who is here? I heardvoices," roared the giant. "you have good ears ," answered his wife. "Surely there is no harm in my speaking aloud."
"Get my supper ," roared the giant.
Aftersupper , the giantcalled for his pet hen. I peeped out form the oven and saw the giant set the hen on the table. "Lay, lay my pretty hen, lay an egg of gold I pray"
Cried the giant . Every time he repeated this , the hen laid an egg of pure gold. Soon he fell asleep and his snores filled the room. I slipped softly across the floor and took the little hen under my arm. I top-toed out the door and ranquickly to the beanstalk. Down he climbed and reached his mother` s garden safely.
"Mother, mother," he shouted. "I have brought you a hen that lays eggsof gold." Every day the hen laid an egg of gold which they sold. They soon became rich, but I was not satisfied. I wanted to pay the giant another visit.
One dayhe told his mother he was going to climb the beanstalk again. She begged hem not to go. But I dressed me differently and one morning , before his mother was awake, he climbed the beanstalk.
He reached the giant` s castle in the evening. His wife was standing at the door as before. At first she refused to take me in, but finally she led me into the kitchen as she had before. Soon the giant` s heavy footsteps shook the house. The wife quickly hid me in a cupboard.
"Wife I smell something," the giant roared.
"The cat caught a mouse," she answered his wife.
This satisfied the giant and, after eating, he said: "Wife, bring me my brags of money!"
I peeped from my hiding place and saw the giant counting his gold. Soon the giant fell asleep and began to snore. Softly I stepped out on the floor. I picked up two big brags of gold and ran out. Down the beanstalk he climbed and reached the cottage safely. I give my mother the brags of gold.


For three years I did not climb the beanstalk. Then he felt he must do so. Again I dressed my self differentlyand climbed up to the top.
He found the road and soon reached the castle. Again the woman did not let me in; but at last she did and hid me in a big copper kettle. When the giant returned in the evening he shouted. "Wife, I smell something;" and began to search the room. Luckily, he did not open the kettle.
After he had finished his supper he ordered his wife to bring his magic harp, and when the giant said "play" , it played the most beautiful music. Soon the giant fell asleep.
I softly crept out of the kettle and picked up the harp. Burt the magic harp called out "help, master help!" The giant woke up and ran after me, but he has eaten so much that he could hardly stand. I managed to reach the beanstalk and quickly climbed down, with the giant after me.
The moment I reached the bottom, I picked up an axe and chopped down the beanstalk. Down it crashed with the giant. His fall was so great that his neck was broken. I and my mother was happy to see the beanstalk cut down, her son safe, and the end of the wickedgiant.
Suddenly , theFairy Godmother appeared and made me promise to be good to my mother forever. I gladly promised to be a dutiful son and told my mother how sorry I was for all worry I had caused her. I and my mother lived happily ever after.


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