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Skrevet av usman chaudhry
Språk: Engelsk
Karakter: 6
Klassetrinn: Ungdomsskolen

"Oppgaven var å skrive en romantisk fortelling utifra å se på en jente som var på et maleri som vi hadde bilde av. Læreren min likte den veldig godt. Jeg likte den også. Brukte masse bra engelske ord. Hva syns du om den?

- Forfatter

Handlingen skjer i gamle dager i det gamle USA. En gutt og en jente elsker hverandre, men kan ikke være sammen pga en stor forskjell.

I had never seen a girl like her before. She was white as milk and sweet as honey.
She had long black hair and blue eyes like the sky. I never meant to fall in love with her,
But I did it a long time ago.

It was a grey Tuesday. The fog lay like a ribbon over the field. I was only fifteen, but I had to work. I and my father had to make cotton everyday. Our boss always said:
"Cotton doesn't come by itself; you have to go the field". It was a tough job to make big rolls of cotton every single day. To think about that white girl helped me survive through the day.

-Hey, I brought some water for you, I heard a woman say behind me. I turned around and my heart jumped up and down like a crazy maniac. It was that white girl. She was as beautiful as always. It only happened once in a blue moon that she brought water to me. The last time was when I broke my leg three years ago. -Not smart, go, I said to her. I had learned English from my mother. She was an English teacher before we came here. Or more correctly; before we were brought here. -No, take it and meet me behind my house when it is dark. I'll be waiting for you, she said with a sweet voice and ran back to the mansion. I drank the water in a jiffy, put the cup in my worn pants and started working before my boss saw me.

I was lying on my old and dirty mattress, staring at the roof, which did not stop the rain from coming in, and was thinking about why she wanted to meet me. It was not allowed. It was strictly forbidden and one of the unwritten rules. I did not want to go because I was afraid, but at the same time I wanted to see the sunshine of my life. It was getting dark outside and I was ready to sneak out.

It was dark as far as I could see and the tall trees surrounded the mansion from the world.
There was only the sound of humming birds and nothing else. I started wondering why she had not showed up yet. Suddenly I heard something which broke the nature's silence.
I heard footsteps, but I could not figure out where the sound was coming from. "If the boss sees me here I am as good as dead meat" I thought. I got scared and hid behind a tree.
I was dying to see who it was. After a while I saw somebody standing there. I was too frightened to realize that it was that white girl. But when she gently whispered my name "Morgan" I was not afraid anymore and walked towards the queen of beauty.

-Hello, sorry I am late, but mother wouldn't let me out, she said with a silky voice.
-That's okay, but why did you tell me to come here, you know it's dangerous for me, I said nervously. -Yeah, I know, I am sorry. But I just wanted to tell you something. It's just that, she stopped for a moment, scratched her head and continued: -It's just that I feel attracted to you and… I interrupted her and said: -You know, even if I like you, it's impossible. I can't be with you. -Just listen to me, man! For Christ sake, I'm in love with you and adore you. I'm crazy about you!

It was a long and embarrassing silence between us. I looked at her and she looked at me.
We came closer to each other and before we could control the situation we started to hug and kiss each other. It was only for five minutes, but for me it was eternal. She quit kissing and said: -Same time tomorrow, bye, bye my dear. The white girl was gone and I was standing there alone and thought that a dream can come true.

We kept seeing each other almost every night. Her name was Sandra. I loved her and she loved me. We were not afraid of anyone anymore. But one night…

We were standing behind the mansion again as usual. We talked for hours and made future plans together. She always brought food for me. We were like two love-birds who were ready to fly from this unfair world. -I have to go now, Morgan, father has started to ask me why I go out every night, Sandra said. It was obvious that she was nervous and scared.
-Don't worry, Jesus will take care of us, I said and tried to make her relax. We went on and talked and kissed. Every second, every moment was important to me. We were in our own world filled with happiness and did not care about anything.

-What are you doing with my daughter you scum?! Sandra's father yelled.
I realized that we were busted. My life was over. My legs started to shiver and Sandra hold me hard. -You scum, you dirt, you useless boy, stay away from my daughter! I was scared and the only word which came out of my mouth was "why". -Why, sir? I asked with a deadened voice. I was crying in fear of losing Sandra. -Because you are a NIGGER and you will always be one. You can never be with us real people, you nigger!

That was the last time I saw Sandra. I had lost her forever. Next day Sandra's father sold me and my parents at a slavery-auction. The white girl and me were only meant to be a dream.
Dreams can never come true…


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